Navigating Your Business Through a Crisis

Navigating Your Business Through the "Next Normal"

We'll help restore stability to your business, and optimize strategic decision making to recover your bottom line

At The Poirier Group, we remain open during the COVID-19 crisis, and committed to helping businesses achieve sustainable results and business success.  Leveraging our multi-industry experience and leadership, and unique collaborative approach allows us to effectively adapt your business requirements to today’s challenging times.   

Further, our adaptive business model can be seamlessly applied virtually to ensure that we bring the same high-quality results and relationship-building to each project that our clients have come to expect from The Poirier Group. 

During this time, we understand that businesses are struggling with the impact this pandemic has had to their operations, their employee and customer relationships, and their bottom-line. Here is where we can help:

News, Perspectives and Insights Surrounding COVID-19

Is your business prepared to adapt and recover from these uncertain times?

Webinar: How Can Employers Lead the Workforce in the New Normal?

Over the last few months, the world has seen massive changes in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic with businesses forced to pivot in scope, to adapt to an online environment or to close altogether. Employers are leading a workforce that has undergone its own transformation in terms of behavioural changes, managerial expectations, and personal hardship. How will employers support and lead a changing workforce that may be fearful, distrustful, and exhausted?

Hazel Claxton (Retired CHRO) and Demetra Dimokopoulos (TPG Consultant) examined leadership styles in the “new normal”

Webinar: Accelerate Your Business to the "Next Normal" - Understanding Agility in Risk Management

David Poirier, Rob Brickman, Vaughn MacLellan, dove into the following topics to help you accelerate through to the “Next” Normal:

  • Agile Risk Management – how to manage the risk profile and maintain a profit – so many companies need to know which ones to manage first and how to adapt to take on the increased amount of risks.
  • Adaptive Risk Models – Identifying, quantifying and managing financial & operational risks in real-time
  • “Restarting” business given that the operating model and business model has been altered dramatically
  • Navigating Transactional Activity – understanding and managing the new considerations for investors and portfolio companies (Financial, M&A and Legal)

Webinar: Returning to the "New" Normal - Managing Your Business out of the Crisis

As businesses have positioned themselves to survive this disruption, attention is now being shifted embrace the “new normal”.

Our recent webinar in partnership with ACG Toronto discussed the following topics to help you Return to the “new” Normal:

  • Understanding your current business scenario and the financial models required
  • Dynamic scenario planning models, assumption testing and forecasting
  • Proven principles, approaches and methods to create a roadmap for economic recovery
  • Understanding the factors for sustainability

Navigating Your Business Through a Crisis

The COVID-19 situation is unprecedented and is posing a challenge for all types of organizations and the critical people that comprise them. The disruptions that have followed further complicate running businesses smoothly and successfully.

Regardless of the impact of this disruption, there are proven principles, approaches and methods that can be taken to create more resilience in your business. 

David Poirier and Scott Sink teamed up provide strategies and actions to enhance responses that benefit your organization and its customers, employees and other stakeholders

Business Continuity Strategies and Tactics in Periods of Major Disruption

Jim Tompkins and David Poirier, led a webinar on April 16th that focused on clear, pragmatic (not simple necessarily) strategies and tactics to avoid disaster during this COVID-19 disruption. They covered the history and evolution of what are called “Black Swan” events.

Leading Your Team Through The Crisis:
4 Scenarios

There are at least 4 distinct scenarios or situations that organizations currently find themselves in, and each requires different strategies and tactics for success.

This video breaks down each scenario and the various tools and tips to best navigate through this crisis and find stability on the other side

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