Organizational Structure & Workflow

In every organization, assisting employees to fulfill their potential also serves the company’s best interests. Our team of human capital management experts are well-versed in all areas of human resources, including optimizing organizational structure and workflows, creating human alignment and developing competencies. With a global pandemic and a likely recession on the horizon, effectively managing your employees through these turbulent times is critical for a successful recovery.

Our team of specialists critically analyzes roles and responsibilities, workflows, overall organizational structure and human capital management. We will then help you develop tools that will clarify and define roles responsibilities in cross-functional or departmental processes. These tools make often intangible processes and systems applicable and tangible.

Our Approach to Optimizing Workflow

Organizational structure and workflow are the backbone of an efficient and effective HR function. Today’s highly competitive work environment calls for deploying non-traditional talent management strategies that drive engagement and boost performance. It is imperative to have a well-defined organization structure, set of roles and clearly defined workflows that ensure efficiency and accountability across employees, managers and leaders within an organization.

TPG’s team of human capital consultants helps organizations align their people, process and technology to achieve the desired business outcomes. We help businesses optimize processes by defining roles across departments, creating common disciplines with shared services and improving workflow across business units.

“I confidently recommend their services to anyone who is considering assistance in accelerating change, streamlining their organization, and making it easier for employees to get their work done and for customers to do their business”
CIO, Canadian Crown Corporation

The Poirier Group is a full-service, multi-disciplined talent and organizational consulting firm focused on solving strategic human capital issues. 

With our human capital consulting, we can help you review your current organization structure and make recommendations on how to enhance the shared services practices, HR efficiencies and employee engagement across your organization. We’ll provide you with a detailed analysis that includes a recommended organizational structure, which identifies key roles across departments, as well as a detailed workflow assessment.

Discovering and building a stronger workforce. With organizational consulting, we help you achieve peak performance across your human capital by aligning your team with actionable goals, policies and processes. We will help you develop organizational competencies that ensure greater efficiency throughout your business operations.

In order to align your human capital with organizational needs, you need to understand your current organizational structure and workflow. We can help determine if any changes are necessary, then assist with the implementation of those changes. We will guide you through the process of defining roles across departments and optimizing HR efficiencies that allow your employees to fulfill their responsibilities more effectively, which will lead to increased productivity for all parties involved.

Org structure improvement
How can we Improve your HR Functions?

The key driver of high performance is the quality of relationships (or links) between the major organizational constituents, both internal and external. We have found that, in many companies, each one of these linkages is suboptimal, even if the individual disciplines are high performing. In this case, your organization will need to be re-aligned to create a culture of high performance.

It’s critical not to let certain aspects of the organization get ahead or behind relative to overall progress toward results and not to over or under-invest in specific areas at any given point in time. Tackling the key fronts to success while also enabling the ability to weather rough periods requires an organization to have a broad range of competencies

TPG works on building your team competencies and getting them aligned before any major transition can be made. When a major competency is lacking, growth potential and resilience to hardships cannot be achieved. Our team of experts will work with your team to build competencies through training modules and boot camps to bring you through the business transformation

Periods of transition, including layoffs and furloughs during recessions, workforce redeployments during crises, and periods of growth often present an inflection point for the way your organization is structured. Roles, responsibilities, hierarchies and reporting structures will often need to adapt as your organization shifts and increased pressure is put on your people and resources. Furthermore, because remote work has been gaining traction during the COVID 19 pandemic and is likely to become the new norm, organization structures will have to adapt to workforce trends. We will take an objective look at your organization to determine how the structure of your organization can be optimized and work with you to implement the new organizational structure using our best-in-class change management experts.

We help streamline and centralize key functions to gain efficiencies and ensure consistency and standardization across the organization. This reduces redundancies by preventing multiple people doing the same job in different areas of the business and instead, creating a “centre of excellence”. When everyone on the team is reporting to a centralized lead, it increases visibility and oversight into key business functions. It also allows departments to focus their limited resources on their individual business goals.

Many key HR areas can be affected by inefficiencies including payroll, recruiting, HR information management and HR systems management. Maintaining efficient and standardized HR practices will trickle down to the rest of the organization, making the company perform well. Currently, with the major business disruptions that COVID 19 has created, employees are greatly affected, and a strong HR department is necessary to manage the hardships. Our process improvement experts will help create more effective operations within your HR department by standardizing and automating required processes, eliminating manual transfers, simplifying established routines, and implementing HR management software that will best serve your needs.