Change Management Planning​

With each organizational transformation, we bring your company through to success utilizing several tactical and strategic tools. By creating a change management strategy, it will ensure your organization is informed and engaged along the way, making your transformational change more sustainable. 

Aiding with the preparation and execution of organizational modifications and shifts for your organization


Sustainable Improvements

TPG aligns necessary changes with your unique business needs, ensuring the transition we make is sustainable and beneficial over the long term.

gain trust

Build Trust

Your team needs to believe in your vision and trust that we can successfully implement it together. TPG works to foster trust from the bottom of your organization to the top.

increase solutions buyin

Increase Solutions Buy-In

Meaningful change requires buy-in at all levels. We work to foster the connection to your vision across your organization needed to achieve your goals.

increase corporate culture

Improve Corporate Culture

We successfully implement solutions that efficiently enhance organizations’ corporate cultures and collective energy.


Strategic Alignment

We align organization leadership with a standard set of values and rules that breed organization-wide success and accountability. 

Achieve Your Vision

Implement the business solutions and sustainable infrastructure you need to execute your vision.

The Current Environment

The new world we live in has significantly shifted consumer needs, market trends, and how businesses serve their clients. Organizations are scrambling to adapt their business models to the rapidly changing market landscape, which fundamentally affects the people, processes, and technologies involved. Rapid change coupled with digital meeting fatigue can create additional challenges for communication, team morale and strategic alignment. 

With such radical transitions seemingly happening overnight, managing the change and the accompanying roadblocks are essential. With over 15 years of change management experience, The Poirier Group (TPG) can help you manage your team through large and small transformations and create sustainable solutions.

Intro to The Poirier Group's Change Management Strategies

We are firm believers that your corporate culture and the people within your organization are what make it great, but also understand that transforming your organization means changing the way your people do things – which can be challenging. Successful change management relies on the alignment of the team’s needs, existing processes and business structure. TPG enables sustainable change management by immersing ourselves in the corporate culture and aligning changes according to your unique business needs, with open, honest and direct communication as cornerstones to our approach. 

We help your organization through large and small organizational transformations by providing the necessary training for management to lead effectively, creating processes to reinforce the change and mitigating associated risks. Having the right structures, programs and processes in place means that your talented team is fulfilling their highest potential, which serves your company’s best interests.

Organizational change might seem like a big feat to accomplish, but with the right amount of leadership, communication, and evaluation, it can be achieved effectively and efficiently. Implementing sustainable business solutions now will benefit your organization moving forward and create a sustainable infrastructure on which to execute your vision. 

Bridging Vision and Action into Sustainable Business Solutions

It’s not enough just to have an articulated vision. It has to be “bridged.” What we mean by that is that the vision has to become a reality for associates at all levels of our organization. People have to choose to be connected to the vision. They have to choose to understand what it is, why it’s important, and how their work on a day to day basis leads to the achievement of that vision. More importantly, they need to be willing to change and adapt their behaviour to align with the overall goals of the yearly strategy and the business overall. If our strategies, our actions, our thoughts/words/deeds are not consistent with our vision, then there isn’t bridging.

In every project, TPG creates the conditions needed to achieve your vision and implement sustainable business solutions. 

The Poirier Group (TPG) has significant experience leading large-scale, high-impact, multi-jurisdictional, transformational initiatives from strategy development through execution. With a focus on tailor-made, pragmatic and measurable recommendations, our clients have been able to successfully implement solutions that better and more efficiently serve their end-users enhance the culture of the company.

TPG Insights:

Change Management Strategies in Practice

The hallmark of TPG is our collaborative approach that engages both organizations and stakeholders intending to generate the necessary buy-in and momentum required to drive transformational change. Change management strategies are developed with client teams and leveraging a wide variety of models (e.g. Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, ADKAR etc.) mapping the ability to build urgency, vision, removing obstacles, delivering and sustaining short-term wins and anchoring in culture change.

We will architect a playbook, templates, and tools and training material to support your overall change management strategy. These tools will help the teams through a large variety of organizational changes. Then, we create a change management roadmap and communications plan. We then facilitate workshops on all the training material. Afterwards, we decide on change sponsors for all key organizational projects, so there is key representation across all project streams.

Change Management Challenges

Changing structure and alignment can create challenging cultural risks to an organization. This is where TPG’s executive leadership and change management strategies come into play to mitigate these challenges and set your team up for success.

Guiding Principles for Success During a Change

Strategic Planning and Deployment

Successful and sustainable change management is built upon creating and aligning your team to the sustainable business solutions we’ll build together; establishing individual goals to achieve the change management strategies and gain buy-in; operationalizing the strategies on a day-to-day basis; and managing results through the process to make adaptations along the way.

Accountability and Alignment

We must align with the leadership of the organization and get them to adhere to a common set of values and ground rules related to the development of organizational trust and accountability. If the leadership team adopts these ground rules, it changes the way they speak, the way they lead, and is an accelerant and we’d argue, a predecessor, for proper change management

Sustainable change eludes most organizations. Notwithstanding large investments in time and money, less than 10% of businesses successfully execute change initiatives. Traditional change management initiatives often fail due to an absence, or weakness in, intention. Even when immediate objectives are achieved, there may be larger lost opportunities. Companies need foundational competency plus the right intentions and mechanisms to enact real change. TPG facilitates working sessions to build intention and challenge an individual’s assumptions about what they, and by implication, their business is capable of.