Leadership Development

At both upper and lower levels of every company, there are always multiple opportunities for reflection, growth, and leadership development. Learning from experts and specialists is how we’ve developed our own expertise, and we believe that doing so is a way to ensure continual organizational growth and progress. 

COVID-19 has brought many hardships and uncertainties, which has tested the leadership of many businesses, from government officials to small business owners. Leadership skills, such as being resolute in the face of hardship, and being compassionate towards  employees and customers, are crucial to navigating through this event. Organizations equipped with strong leadership abilities are most likely to emerge victorious after this crisis ends. 

The Poirier Group (TPG) utilizes a proven methodology to align organizations, delivering sustainable performance improvement and leadership development. We understand the human dynamic and how it affects every aspect of how your business functions – positively and negatively. We have the coaching, support and tools needed to create or return your organization to a high-performance culture. As solutions are developed, we work with you to build internal capabilities to sustain the solutions we are implementing.

Key Leadership Tips

A driven culture is only as effective as the actions of those that are leading.

Leaders that consistently demonstrate positive and driven behaviour give the entire company or department a visible example to follow.

Consistency is the key to success.

If your goals are clearly established and reinforced by leaders, your employees will feel confident with assessments of their work. A transparent approach creates a positive attitude and shared sense of ownership in the success of the team.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

Employees that feel that there are opportunities for growth and are given the tools to grow are much more likely to be engaged and satisfied.  

Set your workforce up for success by providing training programs and certification opportunities to build on their skills.

Follow Through with Action plans.

Leaders should check in on agreed-upon goals throughout each week to follow up on behaviours that are being worked on. Consistent follow-ups reinforce the training and improved performance.

Intensive training sessions and leadership development workshops with emphasis on risk and crisis management, are a fantastic way to share knowledge, engage the team and demonstrate your commitment to their success. We continue to develop company-specific training to meet specific needs and have also fine-tuned a collection of programs designed to assist organizations to fill knowledge gaps. We take a collaborative and simulation-based approach to our offerings, delivering meaningful perspectives to our clients through informative and memorable sessions.

We help management solve complex problems and lead teams effectively in many ways:

“TPG presented us with an outstanding and well-articulated plan to enhance our HR capacity and to allow us to work more effectively. We were shown the benefits to not only our management team, but to the agency as a whole. Their recommendations will improve the work environment for our dedicated staff team members.”
Steve Doherty, Executive Director
Youth Without Shelter