Non-profit Organization Increases Capacity to Better Serve Vulnerable Youth

A non-profit organization that builds thriving communities by empowering young lives through mentorship

19% (270 to 320)
Increase in Mentee/Mentor matches in year 1
Wait time reduction for Mentees/Mentor


This client was unable to meet growing demand for their 1:1 mentorship program. With over 1,000 service requests at any point in time and only capacity to serve 270, this client had not been able to close the gap for 10 years. TPG partnered with this non-profit organization as part of our ‘Purpose Beyond Profit’ program with the intention to implement process improvements and significantly improve service capacity without increasing overhead costs.


Our team set up interviews and engaged with 100% of the employees contributing to the 1:1 mentorship program value stream. An end-to-end process simulation was produced for workflows to analyze and identify constraints and bottlenecks in the system. We uncovered several processes where current cycle times exceeded the task time required to achieve their targets for active cases. With our aim to achieve process improvements to combat these deficiencies, we developed tools to streamline recruiting, matching, and back-end processes.

Value Created

As a result of our engagement, this client created a system and capability to improve performance in their 1:1 mentorship program, as well as realize process improvements across their four other service offerings:

  • Active cases increased from 270 to 320 and are now in a “steady state” with no added resourcing
  • New cases per week are up from 2 to 5 per week, which has balanced incoming demand to sustain case capacity above 300
  • A 33% reduction in wait time for pairing and engaging Mentors and Mentees was achieved and sustained

New Matches/Week

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