TPG Spotlights: Summary

TPG’s exceptional people are our greatest asset and are the reason for our success. “TPG Spotlights” is a series showcasing our people, where they provide targeted insights on an area of their expertise. 


Below is a compilation of the Spotlights completed so far. Don’t miss the next round!

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Leading Through Organizational Disruptions

Organizational disruptions occur when the business environment is rapidly changing, such as new technologies, workforce changes, economic uncertainly and political volatility. These present new challenges to leadership and to the organization overall.

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Finding Your Organizational Purpose

The recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged many organizations to adopt remote/ hybrid working arrangements, especially if these programs were not already in place prior to 2020. However, there are some organizations and leaders who remain concerned about a negatively impacted culture in a virtual workforce. For those organizations preparing to introduce or have implemented a long-term remote/hybrid model, a key element in doing so effectively is taking the time to listen to your team and building trust.

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