TPG Spotlights: Summary

TPG’s exceptional people are our greatest asset and are the reason for our success. “TPG Spotlights” is a series showcasing our people, where they provide targeted insights on an area of their expertise. 


Below is a compilation of the Spotlights completed so far. Don’t miss the next round!

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Scenario Planning and Forecasting During Times of Rapid Change

COVID-19 has affected the ways companies conduct scenario planning and forecasting and has uncovered many mistakes that companies make in this process. To build an effective scenario planning model and react quickly to changing scenarios, organizations must consider all factors that could have a significant impact on their business

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How to Implement a Hybrid Workforce Successfully

The recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged many organizations to adopt remote/ hybrid working arrangements, especially if these programs were not already in place prior to 2020. However, there are some organizations and leaders who remain concerned about a negatively impacted culture in a virtual workforce. For those organizations preparing to introduce or have implemented a long-term remote/hybrid model, a key element in doing so effectively is taking the time to listen to your team and building trust.

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Digital Transformations: Aligning People, Process, and Technology

People, process, and technology are never mutually exclusive in a real-world digital transformation, contrary to how we often see the framework appear on paper. It is pivotal that individuals accountable for change within an organization understand that simply adding new talent, new ways of working, or new tools in siloes and without cross-orchestration will not create a sustainable impact.

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Optimizing Accounts Payable Processes to Free up Cash

Optimizing AP processes is often not on many organizations’ list of priorities. As it is a back-office function, the importance of improving AP processes is often overlooked. In theory, if a business simply delays invoice payments to the last possible date, this will allow the business to have more cash on hand to maximize free cash flow

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Managing Operational Risk with Continuous Process Improvement

I view continuous process improvement and risk management as having a symbiotic relationship. Often there is potential to achieve process improvements while also enhancing operational and financial risk coverage. A mature risk environment provides greater trust in the operational and financial data used as a foundation for process improvements.

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Creating Efficiency Through Roles and Responsibilities Alignment

Aligning on roles and responsibilities is important especially in a complex matrix organization where there are lots of people working on a lot of different things, in different departments. As organizations grow, teams start to migrate into their own silos and what used to work in a small team sometimes doesn’t scale to a larger team.

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Embedding a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

Emerging technologies in various industries are not just the domain of a few smart people in organizations that are into technology, but, the average employee or the frontline person can be exposed to these emerging technologies, and they should have the opportunity to identify ideas of where this emerging technology can be applied.

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Value Creation and Quick Wins: TPG Initiation Study

Our consultants provide a holistic view of every single function and the interconnections between them. They can understand the dynamics and the culture objectively. It is always valuable to have a pair of eyes from the outside, looking at your operations your people, your culture, and your technologies and then making recommendations on which improvements are a priority.

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Data Representation Strategies and The Importance of Measurement Considerations in Sustainable Solution Design

Peter Murphy, Consultant at The Poirier Group shares the importance of integrating high-visibility, real-time and sanitized data when developing sustainable data-based such as chatbots and other neural networks such as AI. He pulls from real examples in both call center and manufacturing settings to discuss data representation strategies and pitfalls, as well as the importance of measurement considerations in solution design

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