Solving Document Management Challenges in Construction Operations 

Reduce resource time, costly errors, delays and risks.

We have witnessed across our construction client engagements an increasing complexity to document management and other administrative functions. This is adding to the industry pressures for increased demands coupled with an elevated risk environment. We will get to solutions, but first let’s understand why this problem is not going away, in fact the opposite. The need for effective document management today, is driven by the following contributors, which should sound familiar to you: 

  • Growing complexity and volume of projects due to company expansion efforts to meet increased demands
  • Increasingly stringent regulations and standards
  • Rising costs and tighter timelines for completion
  • Growing requirement for collaboration across multiple stakeholders 
  • Dispute resolutions with clients, vendors, or regulatory agencies 

If you are not already overwhelmed by document management responsibilities, then getting ahead of this growing burden will alleviate related stress, improve communication across stakeholders, avoid both potential delays and noncompliance risks.   

When we look at the myriad of documents required for managing construction operations, we have found that there are 3 root causes common to most Key Document Management issues impacting construction operations today. These can be solved!  Here they are, why they are important and how to fix them.  

Issue Consequences Solutions
Manual Handling
  • Reduced efficiency compared to automation
  • Human errors
  • Compliance risks
  • Inconsistent data
  • Adopt a Digital Document Management System or
  • Maximize usage of your core technologies to simplify document storage and retrieval.

The Digital Document Management System System should:

  • Provide the ability to automate compliance
  • Integrate with your Project Management and ERP systems for data consistency
  • Maintain turnover and close out documentation
Limited Access & Lack of Version Control
  • Poor collaboration between stakeholders caused by limited access to essential documents
  • Delays, miscommunications, and ultimately incomplete documentation
  • Multiple document versions over emails without the ability to manage input or control key content for final versions
  • Ensure key stakeholders have access to the latest documents anywhere/anytime
  • Check that your Cloud based software system has ‘version control’ and accessibility options (view, edit, share externally, etc)
Limited Data Security
  • Data breaches and compliance violations that lead to operational disruptions and ultimately a loss of trust between partners
  • Employ encryption and access controls to protect sensitive information.

If your projects are at risk for any of the above reasons, we recommend an assessment to determine where the greatest opportunities are to reduce risks to your operation while improving workflow.  Once your document processes are automated and your systems support the above requirements, you can gain the confidence to take on more complex projects in a controlled manner.   

Our construction consulting expertise ensures a blended methodology to simplify your complex Construction & Real Estate challenges and prioritize the most impactful solutions for your business. We deliver a wide range of business consulting services that apply to most industries and are specifically tailored to deliver sustainable solutions that meet or exceed your expectations. 

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