Increase The Odds That Your Change Initiative Will Succeed

When you hear that 70% of change initiatives fail, the question you should ask yourself is, how can we “beat the odds? We have realized working with many clients over the years, that the traditional ‘change management” models they employed, no longer work. There is a huge risk to the sustainable success of your initiatives if specific conditions are not met. Here are the 8 critical conditions that we refer to as Adoption Drivers. Ask yourself if these are part of your change initiative process. 

 1. Your Leaders are Aligned and Committed  

Strong, visible support from top leaders who actively champion the change and demonstrate positive leadership skills.

 2. Communication is Clear and Compelling  

You have answered the ‘why’ and ‘what’s in it for me’. Equally important is what is changing.; When explaining the ‘why’, you must demonstrate why this change is important. Be sure to explain the benefits for employees who make the effort to change. 

 3. The Experience has been Personalized  

The information provided has been filtered in a way that is uniquely relevant to specific departments and employees and provides clarity on what is expected in relation to their work. 

 4. Employees will be Involved Early in the Planning Stage  

When employees are involved at all levels earlier in the change planning phase, it doesn’t feel like change is being done to them but rather with them and employee engagement is higher.

 5. Leaders and Managers Will Own the Change  

HR doesn’t own the implementation of change – leaders and managers do! You have ensured that there is an organizational change plan, and that leaders also will have a plan for their own departments for optimal human capital management. 

6. Communication of Messages 10 Times and in 3 Different Channels 

You plan is transparent, with continuous communication planned to keep everyone informed and aligned. 

 7. Performance Metrics are defined to Reinforce the Behaviour Change  

There are performance metrics and incentives aligned with the desired change outcomes. 

8. Progress will be Measured

You have a plan to monitor progress, learn from feedback, and make necessary adjustments to stay on track. 

These Adoption Drivers are not easy to implement. They require rigour and discipline in the planning phase (the hard side) and the implementation phase through people (the soft side).  

We have a proprietary ‘Change Enablement Blueprint’ that will ensure a structured and effective pathway for achieving lasting change success.  This blueprint focuses on these critical conditions and has a proven track record of equipping organizations with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the complexities of change.  If you want to increase engagement, and ultimately join the 30% of companies that successfully implement change, let’s ensure your success and ROI with your next strategic opportunity. 

At The Poirier Group, our significant experience and business consulting services span many industries. Our proven track record of delivering tangible and pragmatic sustainable results comes from a blend of analytical rigour and creative problem-solving, empowering our clients to unlock their full potential.

Karen Calder


Karen Calder is a senior Organizational Development & Transformational Change Leader, Talent Developer and High-Performance Coach with extensive experience in Talent Management, Learning Design, Leadership Development, Organizational Change and Culture Transformation. Karen solves complex problems, creates simple solutions and delivers results. She is an influential thought leader advocating for the advancement of women, inclusion and collaborative work environments.

As an expert in learning, performance and change, Karen has successfully worked with companies and individuals in a broad range of fields, including retail, banking and financial services, manufacturing and consulting. Karen demonstrates a real passion and dedication to continuous learning and personal growth. Karen’s mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations “adapt, perform and thrive” in a world of constant change and achieve extraordinary results. She also works with executive teams to develop more inclusive and high-performance cultures.

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