M&A Growth Challenges in Construction

The construction industry in North America has been facing a complex set of challenges and pressures as it gains momentum through 2024. From evolving market demands to overhead cost pressures, those who are leading the way are making strategic shifts to remain competitive, grow, acquire talent/capabilities and enter new markets. One of the shifts we have seen are companies expanding capacity through a Merger or Acquisition. While this can be advantageous if done right, some are finding out the hard way, and experiencing the following frustrations leading to less than desirable results.

  • More energy focused on what isn’t working versus benefiting from shared learnings

  • More systems to learn and implement than gains from combined synergies

  • Customers voicing “this feels different” versus seeing improvements

  • Added complexities causing issues with communication, decision making, and process standardization

  • Unclear expectations impacting timelines, quality, construction budget and margins

If any of this sounds familiar, you likely need to take a step back and review your organization’s playbook for how to integrate these new entities. Without a clear integration path designed to set the organization on a new trajectory (improved processes and clear responsibilities,) you won’t realize the value of your investment. Our experienced construction consulting services will help you build the bridge from where you are, to where you want to be – ensuring your employees play a part in the transition process every step of the way. From lean process improvement to change enablement methodologies, our business consulting services help solidify the integration between people, processes and technology to maximize results and set your business up to realize its strategic goals.

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