Shifting Mindsets: A Catalyst for Driving Company Transformation

At The Poirier Group, we specialize in change enablement consulting that identifies the necessary mindset shifts required for sustainable success. Our expert team will guide you through every step of your transformation journey to ensure your organization has moved from adapting to thriving. Don’t wait for change to happen—make it happen. Let’s discuss what you want to achieve, where you are, and how we can help drive lasting change and build leadership skills to achieve your business goals for human capital management.

From Adapting

To Thriving


The sole focus is on business growth and profit without acknowledging customer and employee needs.


Commitment to a purpose beyond daily tasks enables more engagement and motivation to achieve excellence.


Strict organizational structure resulting in politics and hindering collaboration.


Networks of individuals with various skillsets and seniority encourages collaboration and shared ideas.


Micro-management of individuals and a lack of trust in employees to do their jobs effectively.


Empower employees to bring new ideas to the table, contribute actively and take accountability for their work.


Static plans created in advance inhibit flexibility and the
ability to pivot to changing circumstances.


Stay dynamic with planning and experiment with new ideas
often to foster a culture of innovation.


Lack of visibility into why decisions is made or how the organization is doing as a whole.


Built trust through open, honest and direct communication of both individuals & organizational performance.

An exceptional consulting experience starts right here – with our team of seasoned professionals who share expertise, dedication and a forward-thinking mindset to drive transformative change in your business. Our business consulting services span many industries and our proven track record of delivering tangible and pragmatic sustainable results comes from a blend of analytical rigour and creative problem-solving, empowering our clients to unlock their full potential.

Discover how we can help you drive lasting change and achieve your business goals.

Karen Calder


Karen Calder is a senior Organizational Development & Transformational Change Leader, Talent Developer and High-Performance Coach with extensive experience in Talent Management, Learning Design, Leadership Development, Organizational Change and Culture Transformation. Karen solves complex problems, creates simple solutions and delivers results. She is an influential thought leader advocating for the advancement of women, inclusion and collaborative work environments.

As an expert in learning, performance and change, Karen has successfully worked with companies and individuals in a broad range of fields, including retail, banking and financial services, manufacturing and consulting. Karen demonstrates a real passion and dedication to continuous learning and personal growth. Karen’s mission is to help individuals, teams and organizations “adapt, perform and thrive” in a world of constant change and achieve extraordinary results. She also works with executive teams to develop more inclusive and high-performance cultures.