Large Equipment Call Centre Significantly Reduces Average Wait Times and Increases EBITDA by $1.2M

A global asset management and disposition company offering customers end-to-end solutions for buying and selling used heavy equipment, trucks, and other assets

Increase in Annual Profit
Decrease in Average Wait Time


The main revenue channel for buying and selling dramatically changed during Covid from in person to all sales going through their online Auction platform. Along with this, a recent acquisition brought an unexpected but significant government contract resulting in the call centre experiencing significant call volumes, customers experiencing long wait times. general dissatisfaction and lost sales. 


During our discovery phase, we conducted an in-depth review of current sales and administrative processes, roles & responsibilities and related systems that supported the operations. 

Our study included 100+ interviews across all levels of the organization uncovering over 1,000 pain points that were contributing to the current issues. Many of the pain points revealed during this study were contributing to high operating costs, long wait times, inefficient use of technology and disparate IT systems as well as considerable manual work processes.

Our team addressed 85% of the pain points through design of 24 projects.  TPG supported the implementation of these projects during a 2.5 year transformation focused on technology, people and processes.  During this transformation we implemented the following technology supports to achieve the overall results:

  • Organizational design of entire customer experience area to increase efficiencies, improve customer experience and reduce duplication of effort
  • Employed technology improvements such as virtual queuing, approval workflows, screen pop up’s, chatbot’s and revised IVR
  • Implemented self-serve technologies like Google Dialogflow, sales tax upload features, etc
  • Facilitated a full change management & culture shift

Value Created

As result of our engagement, TPG was involved in 75% of the projects including the technology initiatives that supported the immediate and long-term financial and strategic objectives:

  • 88% decrease in AWT (Average Wait Time) from 9 mins to 1 min.
  • 27% decrease in AHT (Average Handling Time)
  • 22% decrease in Inbound call volume through employment of self-serve technology options
  • $1.2M increase in recurring profit

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