Holiday Goodwill: Getting Toronto Out of the Cold

For many years, our synagogue has hosted one of the most successful “Out of the Cold” programs in Toronto. For eight Wednesdays each year from November to January, an army of our volunteers warmly welcomes homeless and socially-isolated people as guests for a hot meal and a safe place to spend the night. The volunteers show love, care and respect to those guests and the program provides participants with a much-needed mental and physical break from the difficult realities of life that they face.

Participants are given the opportunity to be seen by a nurse and to choose clothing and toiletries as needed. After dinner, many guests play bingo (with prizes to be won) and those who stay overnight can watch a movie before going to bed. In the morning, overnight guests are provided with breakfast and sent on their way with a bagged lunch. The guests’ expressions of gratitude for this simple hospitality make it all worthwhile. And TPG has now played a part!

I thought a contribution to this program would definitely honor TPG’s terrific initiative.