Holiday Goodwill: The Fight Against Leprosy

Pakistan has battled with many healthcare and poverty issues over its short time as a nation. Yet somehow, was one of the first countries within Asia to have been able to control leprosy. This is all thanks to effort of Dr. Ruth Pfau, a German-Catholic nun and doctor who established the Mary Adelaide Leprosy Centre there. The clinic is based in Karachi, Pakistan and offered both medical and social services. Without her intervention, these people would be confined to their slums and left to die without support, medication, or any hope of living happily.

Thanks to her efforts, not only has leprosy been controlled but now the clinic has moved onto training medical staff and treating patients for Tuberculosis and Blindness.

I had the pleasure of meeting her shortly before she passed, her own illnesses and declining health did not dampen her enthusiasm for the clinic or patients, which is reflected in the dedication of the clinic staff.

Dr. Pfau passed away in 2017, but her clinic continues her efforts and is a ray of light and hope for the people that need it the most.

Sahar decided to donate her Holiday Goodwill money to support this cause and the continuation of training medical staff to treat this disease.