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TPG Spotlight: Susan Greenwood

Fate must have been a factor in getting into my role at TPG several years ago. I was not looking for work at the time as I was just finishing up a role with a client that had been bought out and was considering retirement from my freelance work when TPG called me

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TPG Spotlight: Meet Peter Murphy

. I always liked project work and teamwork and consulting was something that fit that. I could learn new things, I could jump from project to project, and I could work with interesting people, both in the clients and the people I work with on the team.

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TPG Spotlight: Meet Johnny Carmona

Consulting is fast-paced and now, I enjoy the challenges that come along with the industry. The work I perform is much more valuable, and intellectually stimulating. In a stable or repetitive environment, I find it can get boring while the consulting world delivers various clients in a multitude of industries with complex problems.

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