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Private Equity Consulting

Private Equity Expertise to Preserve Shareholder Value and Create Rapid Returns

In a fast-changing market (especially given recent economic volatility), Private Equity firms find themselves battling several market pressures— compressed diligence processes, and a record-breaking amount of deals; shifts in demand and investing habits; tech disruptors and shifting regulations, just to name a few. When combined with organizational pressures to manage liquidity and cash flow challenges, govern data effectively to enable automation and analytics and keep teams aligned at disrupted workplaces, the result is clear— a sub-optimized bottom-line.

The Poirier Group is here to help.

We are a leading management consulting firm with expertise in portfolio value creation for Private Equity firms in North America. During the ownership phase, we develop the strategic blueprints for acquired companies and support revenue enhancement & cost reduction initiatives. We act as a support system for companies that are restructuring and those in turnarounds with the aim of preserving shareholder value.

How TPG Unlocks Value in Your Portfolio

improve bottom line

Post-Acquisition Alignment

Create synergy through cultural alignment and communications strategies to create value that exceeds the value of the two separate companies.


increase solutions buyin

Set Up For Growth

Set up the necessary processes, strategies and infrastructure to support growth aspirations. Increase capacity without increasing headcount and other overhead costs.

Reduce Cost Icon

Refresh Stale IT Systems

Reduce cost and improve margins by taking waste out of your IT processes and refreshing outdated systems. Automate manual processes and identify key areas for cost savings. 

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Shorten cycle times, tighten up AR/AP processes, remove waste and free up cash with lean operational process improvements. 

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We are operational, first, and foremost, taking a strategic approach to process improvement and cost-saving to increase the value of your investments. We act as a support system to make informed decisions are strategic direction, human capital and operational improvements in the post-acquisition environment with the aim of preserving shareholder value and delivering rapid returns – two key aspects of portfolio value creation. 

The Poirier Group published an article shedding some insight into how Private Equity firms can implement lean processes to reduce capital expenditure and realize the full value upside of their assets.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our loyal clients describe their experience working with us and the results TPG created in their organizations. Some of the faces you will see include:

  • Alan Torrie: Senior Consultant and Executive in Residence at a top-performing private equity management firm 
  • Rene Beaudoin: Previous COO at a business services firm
  • Paul Bouchard: CEO of a PE-backed Military Defense Company

If this type of confidence and excitement about business improvement is something you’d like to see in your team, let us show you how TPG can help you get there.

“TPG led a post-acquisition value creation project. We originally wanted to restructure back-office operations to reduce operating costs, but TPG identified other areas of improvement including enhancing workflow, upgrading antiquated systems, negotiating vendor contracts and fostering complex client relationships.

TPG held daily virtual huddles during COVID-19 to enforce collaboration and accountability. All these initiatives helped save nearly $3 million, providing us with a solid foundation as we prepare for future acquisitions”
North American Asset Management Company
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