Holiday Goodwill: Sharing the Wealth

Although donating my $100 to a familiar organization would have been an easy choice, I chose to give back to my community that does so much for me and my family.  I gave this challenge some serious thought only to have the answer given to me by my 7 year old!

She had overheard a group of her classmates talk about Christmas and about how Santa gifts were “Stupid”.  Curious in nature, she probed and asked “Why”?  She later learned that many of her classmates came from less fortunate families that could not pull out all the bells and whistles at Christmas time to deliver this illusion of a jolly man in a red suit bearing a sack full of gifts to make their children happy.  Surprisingly enough, her classmates later told her that they “don’t even have Christmas dinner “like on tv”.  This conversation with my daughter rattled me.  I’m aware of the need in my community but never had it hit home like this.

Her classmates later told her that they don’t even have Christmas dinner “like on tv.

So, with the help of my daughter, I met with her school principal and told him that we wanted to help.  I had decided to donate my $100 (in grocery gift cards) towards a much deserving family at my daughter’s school.  Within an hour the principal had reached out to me with 4 families that were in need.  I was torn and heart broken to hear.  $25 seemed too little to gift to each family but my intent was good and I was going to do it right.

I purchased 4 $100 grocery gift cards and wrote 4 individual Christmas cards to the 4 deserving families.  I returned to the school to hand the principal the cards.  He was touched by my gesture and even shed a tear!  I was just happy to be able to give other children in our community the means of a nice family dinner on Christmas.  I stood off to the side (in hiding) as the principal called 1 child from each family down to the office to pick up their card.

I don’t know who these children are and they don’t know me but the reaction I witnessed was enough to show me that I had definitely done the right thing.

As the children were handed the cards, they hugged the principal and cried.  I felt happy that I was able help those that are less fortunate then my family and I but I am most proud that I was able to show my daughter what the true meaning of Christmas is.  It’s not all the toys and “things” we get.  It’s the precious time we spend with our family typically around the dining room table!