Holiday Goodwill: #Blessed in a Time of Need

Five years ago, I received a call that no one ever wants to hear …  My younger brother had just been in a severe car accident on a highway in Tennessee and was being rushed to the hospital in Chattanooga.  My brother, Josh, had moved to the area to attend Lee University in nearby Cleveland, TN which meant my closest family member was approximately 7 hours away.  I meanwhile, was working in Los Angeles, CA at the time, so I flew out as soon as I could to meet the rest of my family.

After arriving at the hospital, I learned that Josh was in a coma with severe injuries and the doctors did not believe he was going to make it through the weekend.  When you are in this type of situation, you aren’t thinking about the little things like where are you going to sleep that night.

Fortunate enough, my mother was able to stay close by within a 5-minute walk to my brother’s room at the local Ronald McDonald House. 

These facilities are designed to allow families to stay close by during tragic times, to let them be close to critically-ill children.

My brother was in a coma for over 4 months, and the entire time my mother was able to stay in a location that she felt safe, comfortable but within minutes of her child.

It wasn’t home, but each day the staff that worked at the local Chattanooga RMH made her feel a little better about being so far away from home and she was blessed to be able to be so close to our loved one during this time of need.

Ever since this event happened with my family, I have volunteered at RMH events, donated, and helped with Fundraisers.  This charity is near and dear to my heart considering what they were able to provide and offer in comfort during a difficult time.

The Poirier Group has a program called Purpose beyond Profit, this holiday season we were provided with a gift to pay forward to something, someone, or a charity that mattered to us.  I chose the local Ronald McDonald House of Columbus.

When I think of family, and the values that TPG holds, this is the charity I thought was most aligned with our focus.

Every donation provides for essential programming to support the health and well-being of children.  From providing families of critically-ill children with a safe, warm and welcoming environment to increased access to healthcare.  Every single day, kindness makes an impact for these families, simply said without the help and donations RMHC would not be able to support thousands of families in their greatest time of need.

The mission of RMHC of Central Ohio is to create, find, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families.

We are recognized for our excellence in providing essential services to families whose children are facing medical challenges. By expanding community support and partnerships, RMHC of Central Ohio will continue to improve its financial stability and vitality in addition to compassionately addressing the needs of the diverse families we serve.

With 137 Guest Rooms, The Columbus Ronald McDonald house is the largest in the world.