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Customer Care and Call Centre Optimization

Customer Care And Call Centres

Process Optimization and Cost Savings in Customer Care

The Poirier Group helps you enhance customer experience through reduced wait times, average handled time and case volume

Creating a positive customer experience across your brand is essential in the retention and satisfaction of loyal customers and brand advocates. By providing top-notch customer service, businesses recoup customer acquisition costs, cultivate a loyal following and develop a positive brand reputation that will pay off for years to come. 

At The Poirier Group, we help streamline and centralize key functions across the customer experience to gain efficiencies through consistency and standardization.

We help with the identification, documentation, and recommendation of processes to streamline and improve various inconsistent and unproductive tasks and practices within the company’s back office, as well as those front-office connections to back-office and operations.   The overall goal is to build capability and capacity to grow.    

Our philosophy is to facilitate change from within our client’s organization, guiding the key stakeholders through changes in the way they think and perform.  Our approach is results-driven to define, achieve and sustain success in the long term.

How TPG Improves Customer Experience


Reduce Wait Times

Reduce wait times and stabilize peak times through process improvements, IT implementations and training. 

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Technology Innovations

We implement technology solutions and self-serve options to support customers at every stage of their journey. 


Reduce Handle Time

We empower agents with tools and resources to conduct calls more effectively and efficiently.

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Improve Labour Efficiency

Relieving labour hours by automating manual tasks and through impactful process improvement changes. 

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At The Poirier Group, operational optimization is our bread and butter. We become a specialized extension of your team and center trust and sustainability in our approach. Our services create more aligned and motivated teams, and we have helped call centres relieve tens of thousands of agent hours by automating and streamlining tasks.

A Senior Consultant at TPG answers common questions on how to create positive virtual experiences during periods of high demand including. This article provides tips on how to reduce wait times, average handled times and overall case volume, thereby enhancing the customer experience. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our loyal clients describe their experience working with us and the results TPG created in their organizations through process improvement. Some of the faces you will see include:

  • Alan Torrie: Previous CEO at a National Insurance Firm
  • Rene Beaudoin: Previous COO at a business services firm
  • Paul Bouchard: CEO of a PE-backed Military Defense Company

If this type of confidence and excitement about business improvement is something you’d like to see in your team, let us show you how TPG can help you get there.

“TPG led a post-acquisition value creation project. We originally wanted to restructure back-office operations to reduce operating costs, but TPG identified other areas of improvement including enhancing workflow, upgrading antiquated systems, negotiating vendor contracts and fostering complex client relationships.

TPG held daily virtual huddles during COVID-19 to enforce collaboration and accountability. All these initiatives helped save nearly $3 million, providing us with a solid foundation as we prepare for future acquisitions”
North American Asset Management Company
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