Category: Performance Management

Leading Through Organizational Disruptions

Organizational disruptions occur when the business environment is rapidly changing, such as new technologies, workforce changes, economic uncertainly and political volatility. These present new challenges to leadership and to the organization overall.

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Digital Transformations: Aligning People, Process, and Technology

People, process, and technology are never mutually exclusive in a real-world digital transformation, contrary to how we often see the framework appear on paper. It is pivotal that individuals accountable for change within an organization understand that simply adding new talent, new ways of working, or new tools in siloes and without cross-orchestration will not create a sustainable impact.

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Creating Efficiency Through Roles and Responsibilities Alignment

Aligning on roles and responsibilities is important especially in a complex matrix organization where there are lots of people working on a lot of different things, in different departments. As organizations grow, teams start to migrate into their own silos and what used to work in a small team sometimes doesn’t scale to a larger team.

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