Supply Chain and Operations Management

improve bottom line

Improve Your Bottom Line

It’s simple, supply chain inefficiencies are detrimental to your bottom line. TPG’s team will transform your supply chain into a source of value, not a source of sunk costs.


Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

The Poirier Group will optimize your current supply chain facilities and ensure they are running at full capacity.

industry leading

Industry-Leading Supply Chain Principles

Our team has developed a set of timeless supply chain planning principles that ensure we create the consumer-centric, integrated supply chains our clients need.

remove waste

Remove Waste

Supply chains are complex and waste manages to creep into even the best organizations. Our team of specialists will sniff out and eliminate your wasted resources.

We understand the key challenges logistics providers and warehouses face and work with you to create both efficiency and optimization in your supply chain processes. As consultants with a deep and thorough understanding of this goal, The Poirier Group offers our supply chain professional services to any business in need of navigating the complexities of modern supply chain management.

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Supply Chain Management Professional Service Offerings

Now more than ever, consumer needs are more difficult to predict, yet, there has been a rise in the expectation of same-day delivery for most products. This makes forecasting demand for your inventory increasingly difficult.

TPG has years of experience with inventory management planning. We will leverage key stakeholders to document and map current inventory processes across functional areas from raw material, to WIP, to finished goods.

Ultimately, as a supply chain management services company, we want to make it easier for you to effectively manage business and inventory so you can better serve your customers. The Poirier Group works with you to ensure that our Inventory Management solutions reflect your distribution needs.

  • Replenishment
  • On hand Inventory
  • Inventory Audit Practices
  • Intended Service Levels
  • Open to Buy
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Flowcasting

Transportations and logistics play an important role in the supply chain by getting products from the manufacturer to the distribution centre, and from the distribution centre to the retailer. Optimizing the interrelated processes of your transportation is critical in meeting ever-evolving customer demands, maintaining production efficiency and improving processing costs.

We help analyze the transportation and logistics within your supply chain to find areas of improvement, prioritize opportunities to tackle first, and then roll up our sleeves to work with you to implement those solutions.

  • Fleet Management
  • Consolidation
  • Scheduling
  • IT Integration
  • Cost Optimization

Maximizing utilization, and improving flexibility, saving you time, resources, and space. This service is key in helping create lean supply chain management systems that save our clients money, and ensuring greater competitiveness. Using a Lean Six Sigma fact-based approach to process improvement, we design and implement overall warehouse improvement strategies which optimizes warehouse flow, enhance resource allocation, and reduce warehouse waste.
  • Dock to Stock
  • Slot Layout
  • Pick Path and Methods Training
  • SKU Analysis
  • Wave Structure and Automation
  • Pallet Utilization and Improvement
  • Benchmarking
  • Lot Traceability
  • Buyer Alignment
  • Time and Labour Standards
  • Automation
  • Lead Time Improvement

In today’s increasingly globalized world, we work to ensure that product and material sourcing is completed with ease and efficiency. Our supply chain management team assists in creating contacts globally to provide the most value to organizations in the procurement process.

We work to rapidly assess the current maturity of product sourcing and tracing initiatives in your organization and recommend specific supply chain improvement-focused initiatives to both reach tracing and sourcing goals and enhance design and measurement.

In recent years, the supply chain, retail, warehousing and distribution industries have been experiencing substantial change. Many companies have been experiencing difficulty keeping their branch network profitably contributing to their bottom line due to changing customer purchasing patterns, high fixed costs, and downward pricing pressure. On the other hand, to keep up with expectations of same day and next day delivery, online and direct to consumer retailers must disperse distribution centers, expanding their facilities network to meet consumer demand. We will help your company plan your distribution centers for the future, keeping in mind your overall business strategy, customer base and time and money constraints.

  • Facility Relocation/ Consolidation
  • Branch Closures
  • Warehouse Buying and Planning

Combatting Supply Chain Complexities

The Poirier Group team of supply chain management consultants designs and manages processes across organizational boundaries with the goal of matching supply and demand in the most cost-effective way. We will optimize the current facilities within your supply chain management regime to deliver tangible results. 

In today’s contemporary business world, organizational supply chain networks grow and diversify at a dizzying speed. This presents increasingly complex challenges to companies. In this service category, the team at The Poirier Group (TPG) offers supply chain management services that increase supply chain network efficiency, data transparency, and productivity from start to finish — from suppliers and warehouses to retailers and consumers. In the competitive marketplaces our clients face, there’s a constant need for improvement and innovation.

TPG steps in to rapidly identify problems and specific supply chain management areas in need of attention and works closely with all stakeholders to co-create only the best solutions. The Poirier Group is the supply chain management services company your business needs to create value and move forward. processes across organizational boundaries with the goal of matching supply and demand in the most cost-effective way.

Our Approach to Supply Chain Professional Services

The Poirier Group is one of the leading operations and supply chain management companies in Toronto. Our approach is focused on people and processes. We understand that new processes and capabilities can only be enabled by people. As such, over our operations and supply chain consulting projects, we have developed logistics solutions that are focused on helping change and instill new behaviours and ways of working. As an industry-leading supply chain management services company, we are uniquely qualified in helping your company with your supply chain optimization.

Effectively managing the facilities within your supply chain requires a diligent management team — something TPG is in spades.


Principles-Based Design Thinking

Over the years working in retail demand and supply planning we have developed, documented and instilled into our approach a set of timeless supply chain planning principles which guide our thinking as we co-design future state processes. These principles form the basis of an education focused design approach in which people not only internalize the principles, but also see them in action and how they can be applied in their organizations.


We Have Walked in Your Shoes

You want the group you’re trusting with your supply chain professional services to have an understanding of what your specific business needs. That’s understandable and the correct way to make decisions.

Luckily for you, The Poirier Group has led the design and implementation (including all aspects of change management) of successful, full-time time-phased planning and supplier scheduling across a wide variety of industries – so, we know how to handle yours from start to finish. 


Specialists and Thought Leaders in Logistics

Our specialists’ expertise in this area spans over 20 years with the goal of bringing the principles of a consumer-centric, connected and integrated supply chain to retailers.

TPG experts have been optimizing supply chain facilities using our proven management techniques for years. 

Broad Experience Across Industry Verticals

Our client list covers the hardlines, grocery, apparel and telecommunications verticals. As such, The Poirier Group’s supply chain professional services have your business covered no matter your vertical. 

We pride ourselves on our extensive and wide range of supply chain experience, and our retail and grocery consultants can improve your bottom line and optimize your business.

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