Holiday Goodwill: American Cancer Society

I chose to use my initiative to pay it forward to support the American Cancer Society, an organization that has been near to me since my grade school days. American Cancer Society allocates its funds between patient support, research, prevention, and detection and treatment. Cancer affects the lives of most individuals in some form whether it be through a family member or friend.

Growing up, I used to be a Youth Ambassador for the American Cancer Society working to plan one of their network wide fundraising events, Relay For Life, for the city of Dublin, OH. For four consecutive years, I worked with community members to fundraise thousands of dollars via organizing fashion shows, game night for children, community bake sales, and getting the support of local business to help bring together this overnight event to commemorate those who had lost their lives to cancer.

I saw the value this organization had on the lives and families of the children I worked with in the oncology department during my time volunteering at hospitals. Seeing the happiness in the families that were able to afford treatments for their children made me realize the impact the organization can have.

One of TPG’s core values is serving, and the organization does this not only with regards to its clients but also serves to support the community. I have continued to donate and support The American Cancer Society for many years and am thankful TPG has allowed for me to do so via the initiative to pay it forward.