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Data Representation Strategies and The Importance of Measurement Considerations in Sustainable Solution Design

Peter Murphy, Consultant at The Poirier Group shares the importance of integrating high-visibility, real-time and sanitized data when developing sustainable data-based such as chatbots and other neural networks such as AI. He pulls from real examples in both call center and manufacturing settings to discuss data representation strategies and pitfalls, as well as the importance of measurement considerations in solution design

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Kayla with Quote

TPG Spotlight: Kayla Brar

One thing that I’ve learned as an HR professional is that you may think you are doing something to help one group, but you really have to understand how it affects the entire organization. I’ve learned how to work with people, work for people, work with leadership and work for different groups

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TPG Spotlight: Sam (Saeed) Nejatian

I have found that a common denominator across most industries, is performance optimization –continuously improving processes and eliminating waste from them. These processes are a common denominator across all industries, but my focus for 25 years was in aerospace.

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TPG Spotlight: Susan Greenwood

Fate must have been a factor in getting into my role at TPG several years ago. I was not looking for work at the time as I was just finishing up a role with a client that had been bought out and was considering retirement from my freelance work when TPG called me

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TPG Spotlight: Meet Peter Murphy

. I always liked project work and teamwork and consulting was something that fit that. I could learn new things, I could jump from project to project, and I could work with interesting people, both in the clients and the people I work with on the team.

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