TPG's Top Picks: October

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Make your List and Check it Twice…

Your team is gearing up and making sure shelves are stocked for the holiday peak season… but are you ready for what comes next? Return Season. Did you know over 30% of holiday gifts get returned each year? 

The surge in e-commerce during 2020 and 2021 is likely to mean an associated increase in returns that can strain operations, teams and revenue. Prepare your business properly, and reduce risk to your bottom line during the inevitable surge in returns. 

David Poirier and Supply Chain vets, Chris Jarvis and Lucas Murua will leave viewers with a number of key takeaways to integrate into their holiday reverse logistics plans:

  • Understand e-commerce growth and today’s opportunities for better returns management
  • How to combat Holiday 2021’s unique inventory shortage
  • Logistics issues, truck scheduling and last-mile delivery considerations
  • Requirements to include when making your plans 

WHEN: Thursday, November 18, 11am EST

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