TPG's Top Picks: Week of Oct. 9

Supply chains have become an unlikely fixture in the everyman consumer’s vocabulary. This week’s updates focus on the latest and greatest in supply chain management:


Could supply chain disruptions derail the global economic recovery?

As some economies reopen and domestic demand global trade see an uptick again, are global supply chains equipped to keep up or will capacity problems and supply chain distortions derail the recovery process?

If we find the vaccine, how fast can the pharma supply chain get it out?

As the race to find the COVID-19 vaccine accelerates, CNBC wonders if the pharma and air cargo industries can come together to optimize the complex vaccine supply chain in the “mission of the century”.

Could this pandemic transform supply chain education forever?

As the importance of supply chain management becomes evident to the everyday consumer, supply chain education takes the spotlight. Supply Chain Dive delves into the rapidly evolving curricula in this space as professors rapidly retool class materials to make space for large-scale disruption contingency plans.

What is a digital twin and why should supply chain professionals care?

Digital twins, or virtual replicas of existing supply chains, can be powerful tools in optimizing performance at a time when supply chains remain more crucial than ever. Experts predict that, by 2023, 50% of large global companies will incorporate AI, advanced analytics and the Internet of Things in supply chain operations. In the post-COVID landscape, companies should prepare to implement the right enabling technology to remain agile and adapt to rapid change.




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