TPG's Top Picks: Week of Nov. 6

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This week, we explore the wild world of CPG innovation— from augmented reality in personal care to Netflix’s unlikely gains in the consumer product pipeline, the pandemic is reshaping how we engage with everyday products.


Personal Care Goes Digital: L’Oreal Accelerates Into The Future With Google

Trend alert: virtual beauty is here! What can L’Oreal and Canadian augmented reality specialist ModiFace’s new partnership with Google tell us about the future of personal care?

How the US Presidential Election Could Reshape Food Production

How much could Biden or Trump shape food policy and what should manufacturers expect in the next 4 years?

The Art of Impulse-Selling: A Masterclass From Big Food

Where Big Data meets Big Food: Inside legacy candy and snack brands fight to “spark last-minute purchases”

How COVID-19 Rocked Hollywood’s $125-Billion Consumer Product Cash Cow

With Hollywood in flux and tentpole franchise releases in limbo, how will studios and CPG licensees adapt to save the consumer product pipeline?


TPG’s Top Picks is a weekly column of curated, industry-specific trends. We will focus on a new industry every week, and offer you the latest developments in a quick, digestible post.

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