TPG's Top Picks: Week of Jan 15

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This week, as Ontario enters another stringent lockdown, we’re stepping away from industry insights briefly to focus on resiliency, and how to work towards building your best self at work and home, even in the middle of a pandemic.


Keep Your Weary Workers Motivated with HBS

Harvard Business School dives into how managers can leverage the four basic human emotional drives, or the “ABCD” of human motivation, to keep employees engaged and find meaning at work in times of prolonged crisis.

How to Hug Your Inner Dragon (and Become 10% Happier)

“After ABC News anchor Dan Harris had a nationally televised panic attack on Good Morning America in 2004, he knew he had to make some changes. He found himself on a bizarre adventure”, but emerged with 2 books, a self-company organization and key insights on becoming 10% happier, hugging inner dragons, self-help for skeptics, training the mind, and much more. Podcast with more available at the link!


Cognitive Decline is Not Inevitable: Insights from a Neurosurgeon

American neurosurgeon, medical reporter, CNN medical correspondent, and author, Sanjay Gupta explains why, in “order to heal the body you have to heal the mind, the importance of building the resiliency of your brain, and the power exercise has on it”. Pro tip from Dr. Gupta: “The best thing you can do for your brain is to take a brisk (socially-distanced) walk with a friend and discuss your problems”. More at the link above!


How to Cope With Job Stress and Become More Resilient: Tips from the CDC

Remaining productive through a pandemic can be difficult—the changing nature of “work”, coupled with the fear and anxiety of living through this unprecedented global event is bound to take a toll on many of us, our families and communities. Head over to the link to view the CDC’s recommendations on how to “recognize what stress looks like, take steps to build your resilience and manage job stress”.



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