TPG's Top Picks: Week of Dec 11

COVID response

This week, as the COVID vaccine begins to trickle out to communities worldwide, we’re refocusing on all things healthcare. Here’s the latest and greatest on the vaccine (and what it means for Canada), health tech and other developments in an industry that has reshaped this year and many more to come: 

Vaccinating Canada: Where We Stand Now

Following news of Health Canada’s approval of the Pfizer vaccine, CTV offers a message from Pfizer Canada’s head and a debrief to set expectations for what to expect in coming months.

Why PPE Is Still In Short Supply For Healthcare Workers

As frontline workers stand on the brink of physical and emotional exhaustion, essential equipment remains in short supply. Healthline reports on the entrepreneurs trying to close the gap and “rewarding but frustrating landscape” they find themselves navigating to protect doctors, nurses and other key personnel.

Amazon Steps Into Health Data with New Service, HealthLake

As healthcare payers and providers struggle to manage rising volumes of patient data, Amazon’s cloud computing service is launching a new tool to help customers search and manipulate their data to, for example, “predict more accurate insurance premiums, track out disease progression or monitor the efficacy of clinical trials”. This is the latest development in Amazon’s continuing race for market share against Microsoft and Azure in the healthcare cloud computing space.

What Do Ice-Cream and the COVID Vaccine Have in Common?

CBC dives into what supply chain professionals can learn about vaccine logistics from current processes in place to transport your favorite frozen treat across Canada.


Also, as we approach a holiday season unlike any other in a winter that’s likely to get worse before it gets better, don’t forget to look out for the health and well-being of yourself, your loved ones and your community! Although physical health remains top of mind, experts warn of an imminent mental health crisis that could ravage North America in the next few months.

We’re taking the liberty of passing on some location-specific starting points that you might find helpful. We will be adding to this list in coming weeks when relevant.



Stay safe and stay warm!


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