TPG Spotlight: Meet Monika Birdi

TPG’s collaborative culture makes working here such a treat… I find that I am quicker to provide feedback and my thoughts because I have an encouraging team that is cheerleading from the sidelines.

What’s something you wish you knew before entering consulting?

There is no playbook on how to consult, which I learned early as a consultant. I was amazed at how much variation there could be from project to project and, client to client. I have realized that there is no single, cookie-cutter approach to working on a project, which has both pushed and stretched me to achieve and deliver sustainable long-term results.

Sometimes when you work in industry it can be easy to copy and paste a previous experience. Whereas here I’m realizing each new project is basically a whole new world and you’re almost starting from scratch. It’s really neat because it’s a huge learning curve but I just didn’t expect that each experience would be so different. It’s cool though because your team is almost all in a similar position and you work through challenges with them.

Why were you initially attracted to consulting as a career path?

I always felt that consulting would be the next best step for me. I wanted to do something that involved ongoing and self-motivated learning. That’s why I was steered towards consulting.

I wanted that new approach or variation in experience every couple of months. When I worked in industry, it was many years in the same job. Although there was major challenges and roadblocks, you were very comfortable with what you were doing. Whereas now, when I start with a new client, a new approach, a new environment, etc. I get the agility of switching hats from one to the next.

I also felt like it would make the whole business world make sense to me. In industry, I felt like I was working in such a niche, but now I feel like I’m touching every part of the business and seeing how all departments work together.

Our clients may not have the time, the resources or even the mindset to think certain problems through and create solutions. However, as a consultant I get to come in and take my birds-eye view of the business and help them connect the dots.

What are some of the main things you have learned in your role?

Working at TPG has been a transformative experience for myself. I get to work alongside some of the brightest people in the industry from which I get to soak in all their knowledge, and analytical problem-solving approaches, and sustainable solutions, which might not have been something I would have ever thought of or done.

I think that in-the-moment, hands on learning has been the best for me. Learning from other gives me an opportunity to take a step back from a leadership role and learn from the best and see how it’s done. From all the people I work with, I can take a roster of the best people and experiences that can help me with my next project and drive solutions somewhere else.

What has been your favourite part of working with TPG?

TPG’s collaborative culture makes working here such a treat. It isn’t common to walk into work everyday knowing that your team has your back. From senior leadership to my peers, I get the support I need and if ever I hit a roadblock, I know I can reach out to the team for backup. It’s been a comforting feeling, and truly attests to the values of this organization. I find that I am quicker to provide feedback and my thoughts because I have an encouraging team that is cheerleading from the sidelines.