Kavya Pai




Kavya, a seasoned chartered accountant (ICAI, India) and an MBA (University of Toronto), boasts a rich professional background spanning audit, banking in a startup environment and top firm consulting. With a focus on finance, strategy, and technology, Kavya brings a unique blend of skills to the table.

Experienced at financial analysis, large scale finance transformation and automating processes, Kavya holds an MBA that adds a strategic layer to her problem-solving capabilities. Versatile in playing roles as per project demands — be it a team player, leader, or collaborator — Kavya emphasizes the importance of thinking outside the box.

Client interactions, for Kavya are built on the pillars of networking, positive relations, and stakeholder engagement. Technologically savvy, Kavya leverages the right tools tailored to specific challenges. Beyond professional endeavors, she channels her passion for impact into both work and personal projects, showcasing a commitment to driving results and making a difference.



Kavya loves new adventures and constantly seeks exciting experiences. In 2023, she delved into winter hiking, skiing, snow tubing, and embarked on her first camping trip in Canada. For 2024, she aims to learn a new musical instrument and explore open water free diving. A dedicated reader, she read 20 books in 2023, setting her sights on reaching 30 in the coming year.

Beyond her personal pursuits, Kavya is deeply passionate about volunteering and has actively contributed to various NGOs, including Datri Stem Cell Registry, Canadian Blood Services, and the Robinhood army.