Kathleen Bell




Kathleen Bell is a strategic advisor and senior Consultant, specialising in transformational change. Kathleen is a dedicated and imaginative communications professional with a passion for strategic communications work ensuring an organization meets its business goals.

Kathleen has worked in a variety of industries from energy (Power and Oil & Gas) to education (University) and health, becoming a comprehensive, collaborative and successful change expert along the way. Her experience includes communications planning and execution, change management, employee communications and website development and maintenance. Always working in a growth mindset, Kathleen is an outstanding creative professional with a proven track record to deliver.



Kathleen is passionate about family and friends and is especially interested to discover joy at every opportunity. Life is short, so she enjoys travelling and finding new people and places to learn about from all over the world (she’s visited all seven continents). When home, Kathleen is an adventurous foodie, an award-winning textile artist, a competitive dragon boater and arguably the best dog ear scratcher in the world.