Aaron Segal




Aaron is an innovative thinker with a passion for supporting those around him. His professional experience with Walmart Canada’s Engineering team has provided him with a solid foundation in supply chain principles and process improvement. Aaron has successfully managed projects involving new technologies, conducted detailed data analysis for operations teams, and developed high-level cost-to-serve models. Additionally, he has considered front-line workers’ needs through ergonomics studies and various projects, including his Capstone project.

Proficient in essential tools such as Microsoft Office Suite, SQL Queries, Python, and Tableau, Aaron brings strong technical skills to his work. His past involvement in numerous associations has fostered a collaborative culture wherever he goes, with a focus on positive communication. Aaron’s past leadership roles in his student society, engineering design teams, and external organizations have provided him with ample opportunities to lead diverse teams effectively.



In his free time, Aaron loves to listen to music and enjoy the nice weather, no matter the season! He loves sitting outside with his refreshing lemonade or cozy hot chocolate and listening to the newest releases. He loves trying new restaurants in the GTA and discovering new foods he has yet to experience. He also likes playing sports such as basketball, badminton and tennis.