Exit Planning

Preparing your company for the end of one chapter and the start of the next while maximizing returns

The final step of an investment process is the exit, and how one plans for it can significantly affect the final return on investment. 

We ensure that investors can maximize their returns while planning for an exit. We identify optimal exit strategies and determine the best way forward with key stakeholders. Finally, we assist with the preparation of selling documents and pre-qualifying buyers.

Your Project Team

Our PE experience enables us to work expeditiously for asset managers and deliver best in class results and effective exit strategies. TPG, along with our partnerships, have advised more than 75 private equity firms from around the globe and worked with portfolio companies of varying sizes.

The team at The Poirier Group has completed hundreds of cases for PE sponsors in a variety of industries, allowing us to develop deep niche experience in:

We are operators, first and foremost, who work with our clients with an approach of combined values and trust. We create strong teams that have completed multiple cycles together, which means that your team is focused on speed and quality, not hierarchy or drama.

The Poirier Group can support your PE company through all stages of the M&A Process including Deal Generation, Due Diligence, Portfolio Value Creation and Exit planning.