Deal Generation

Identifying investment opportunities to enhance deal-flow

We work with private equity companies to provide consulting support across the transaction cycle to create improvements and increase investment returns. The first stage of the private equity value chain is deal generation. 

By using data analytics, and our vast network of investment professionals, we will identify investment opportunities, cultivate new clients and partnerships, and boost your company profile with smart, win-win acquisitions.

We enhance deal flow by profiling industries, screening targets, and devising a plan to approach targets all while ensuring the correct fit for your investment theses.

Our clients trust us to deliver the best in value-added consulting, implementation and integration services, every time.

Our Approach

Our Accelerated Project Lifecycle Approach is specifically geared to identify opportunities and create strategic, rapid and realizable action plans and provide a technological approach to execution

Utilizing our engineering foundations, benchmarking capabilities and tenure we quickly investigate, deeply analyze, and identify production increasing drivers as well as assess culture

We want to dive into an organization’s strategy, market position, processes and people to identify performance gaps, cost drivers, and revenue generators. 

This will result in identifying the acquired target’s revenue drivers and cost reducers relative to industry standards that support the deal thesis, and creation of a realistic, detailed program that can be leveraged to create value through detailed process mapping

Your Project Team

Our PE experience enables us to work expeditiously for asset managers and deliver best in class results. TPG partnerships have advised more than 75 private equity firms from around the globe and worked with portfolio companies of varying sizes.

The team at The Poirier Group has completed hundreds of cases for PE sponsors in a variety of industries, allowing us to develop deep niche experience in:

We are operators, first and foremost, who work with our clients with an approach of combined values and trust. We create strong teams that have completed multiple cycles together, which means that your team is focused on speed and quality, not hierarchy or drama.

The Poirier Group can support your PE company through all stages of the M&A Process including Deal Generation, Due Diligence, Portfolio Value Creation and Exit planning.