SOP Construction and Process Controls

SOP Construction and Process Controls

We work with your group to accelerate the building of standard operating procedures to promote team alignment. As your business grows, existing processes may not be sufficient and monitoring them becomes increasingly complex and time consuming. Standardizing your processes ensures procedures are carried out in the same way by every individual at your organization, every time, which keeps your business running smoothly. Making procedures a habit can also decrease safety risks and improve lead time because your employees don’t need to guess or predict what comes next.

What is an SOP?

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is a document that outlines how a business task is to be performed.  This step by step document provides a basis of standardization for the business to rely on, and guidance for associates to execute tasks from. The purpose is to provide a consistent set of instructions to associates in order to drive repeatable process execution.

Standard Work provides discipline through:

  • Clarity on What to do
  • Commitment on When to do it
  • Translation from Goals to Actions, the Why
  • Enablement of the actions, How
  • Accountability thru establishing the Who
  • Line of sight on Where your circle of influence effects

Our Approach

At The Poirier Group, we will create a document that clearly lays out operating procedures and accountabilities. The focus of this is coordinating process standardization through cross-functional workshops that identify and align best practices. After process mapping has been completed, we facilitate standard operating procedure (SOP) writing with a group of senior stakeholders, ensuring that all results are complete (all necessary information is included), objective (facts only), and coherent (following a consistent and rational thought process). 

The SOPs can then be transmitted to all employees to promote leadership development and learning. SOPs will outline how processes are performed, how often, who they are performed by and the purpose of why each process is being performed. In the end, our clients can visualize end-to-end processes, from supplier to customer which in turn, feed into the bigger picture of performance management.

These SOPs will be built based on industry best practices and taking your unique circumstances into consideration.