Retail: Digital Integration and Channel Fluidity

Retail in 2021 and Beyond: What Trends will Endure?

E-commerce and OMNI Channel adoption have accelerated beyond anything previously imaginable, and it is unlikely that it will slow down. Between work and leisure, consumers are spending more time than ever online, with everything they need just a click away, and most – if not all – retailers are required to increase their capabilities in online sales. At the same time, consumer expectations remain high, demanding a seamless customer experience, personalized connections, and quick delivery no matter what channel they choose to shop on.

The Poirier Group discusses enduring trends in the retail industry in a post-COIVD era including the increased requirement of digital solutions in the retail space. This segment features tips for Integrating the Physical and Online seamlessly while optimizing the customer experience across E-Commerce and OMNI channels.

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