Pharmacy Retailer Avoids $350K in Costs through Process Standardization

A leading pharmacy retailer with over 400 locations across Canada

Avoided Costs
Hours of Efficiency Gains


The client was halfway into a three-year implementation of promotional management (Phase I), perpetual inventory (Phase II), and automated replenishment (Phase III) plans via a new ERP software solution.


TPG’s support was initially requested to create all future-state perpetual inventory (PI) processes, however during this exercise, process gaps in the promotional management plan were identified and TPG was tasked with developing solutions for both phases undertaking:

  • Enterprise Process Mapping – identified 761 Phase II processes, 36% of which were affected by PI. Created all future-state processes crossing over Merchandising, Finance, Supply Chain, and Operations
  • Category Management Analysis – focused on merchandizing, product master, and Bill Of Materials that linked to Perpetual Inventory (PI) including supply chain and logistics
  • Roles and Responsibilities – created full RACI diagrams for all Phase II processes
  • Data Cleanse – cured data integrity inputs into JDA
  • “Quick Wins” – deployed application tools solving 50% of issues from Phase I
  • IT Deployment – Implemented JDA Pricing and Promo, Perpetual Inventory
  • Training – defined and transitioned detailed training sessions to HR to prepare for technical ERP pilot

Value Created

As a result of this initiative, this client realized the following immediate and long-term financial and strategic benefits:

  • The client was prepared for a Phase II technical pilot and go-live implementation of new business processes
  • ~50% of Phase I issues were resolved yielding 240 hours annually in efficiency gains
  • Improved key data integrity inputs, resulting in a $350K reduction in rework from data input errors within the second quarter

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