PE Owned Petfood DC Identifies $2.7M in Direct Benefits and Clarity on Technology Limitations and Solutions

A US chain of retail stores that offers pet food, with a focus on premium brands, holistic and organic pet food, as well as other pet supplies and self-service dog washing facilities

Direct Benefits Identified
Solutions to Address Objectives


This client recently transitioned to a new distribution center (DC) with a significantly higher cost structure, in parallel with a recent acquisition and significant leadership changes. Their objective was to create a broader Supply Chain and Technology infrastructure which was of paramount importance to support scaling retail operations. 

The Poirier Group was called in to rapidly assess the performance of this new distribution center against competitive benchmarks and multiple network models that could service its ever-expanding Southern US retail footprint.  


During our initial assessment, we discovered a lack of clarity, visibility and technology issues: 

  • Lack of clarity between previous warehouse operations and the current-state
  • The client did not understand the value of various opportunities within the new warehouse
  • Key stakeholders lacked understanding of industry benchmarks and the gap in their performance with where they should be 
  • Identified “within-the-4-wall” opportunities through logistics network scenarios and WMS limitations through assessment and root cause analysis
  • Clarity on current technology challenges 

Value Created

As a result of our assessment, this client gained an understanding of the opportunities available that would produce: 

  • $2.7M in direct benefits 
  • Clarity around capacity limitations and thresholds for decision-making support (based on growth tiers) 
  • Visibility to WMS root causes and alignment on new platform recommendation 

They were also provided with: 

  • A supply chain network and capacity model 
  • Logistics scenarios and a transportation optimization model 
  • Time series roadmap for solutions with business cases 

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