Our Values

With every project we undertake, our work reflects the values we stand for and builds trust with our clients. We’re principled, driven professionals committed to delivering stellar results each and every time. Each team member personifies these values and recognizes their utmost importance in our company culture and day-to-day business.


Our purpose is to serve the highest good to our clients, team and community

While driven by the founder and CEO, David Poirier, the vision at The Poirier Group is upheld by all employees. We aim to create a consulting experience for clients built on trust and transparency, which delivers tangible results and sustainable improvements over time. TPG is built on four central values, which are the pillars of every client engagement: learning, serving, integrity and excellence.

Continuous learning is instilled into the culture of every team member. Our awareness of various industry best practices and challenges significantly contributes to our competitive advantage. Our flat hierarchy is a large contributor to open feedback, which encourages team members to seek out insights from diverse perspectives. We reinforce company-wide sharing of thought leadership ideas, encourage professional development and reimburse employees for relevant certifications and training. In addition, our team produces monthly “Lunch and Learns” focusing on core competencies that are relevant to our team members’ growth and development. 

We strive to serve the greatest good of our clients and community to the best of our ability. This means serving the needs of our clients to the best of our ability. We give back by serving organizations that inspire us and help the next generation prosper. Each year we donate a minimum of 25% of non-billable hours to improving charities and not-for-profit organizations that contribute to sustainable change and support for those in need. Many team members also individually volunteer with community organizations. Our CEO leads by example by sitting on many boards and committees and volunteering time and energy to serve the community. 

We have a 100% referral rate for the last 18 years for a reason – we are truly committed to delivering value and providing results that exceed expectations. Each team member reinforces and maintains our sterling reputation, which relies on quality results produced with tangible, sustainable effects. 

We gain the trust of our clientele, which we earn through open, honest and direct feedback. We also hold ourselves accountable for our actions and promises. In one client engagement, four consultants were assigned to a six-week project. However, two weeks into the project, it was apparent that the task was more complicated than anticipated. To complete the project on time, to the standard promised, six more consultants were added to the project which was extended by a week. Some were assigned and some volunteered to help in extra hours. As a result, our client was extremely happy with the outcome. The CEO of the client approached us after and he questioned why we didn’t ask for more money as it was clearly more challenging than any of us imagined. Our response was that we had an agreement for a fixed price and we practice integrity in all we do. The values we exhibited and the trust we gained from that client has proven to be invaluable in developing that relationship. Since then, they have signed multiple additional contracts and provided references to many other clients.  


Everything we do is for the highest good of our client; our greatest goal is to see you experience sustainable success.


We seek to be worthy of your trust, which we earn through open, honest, and direct communication. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


We are truly committed to delivering value and providing exceptional results. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.


We continually stay ahead of the latest technologies and best practices to benefit your organization and ours.

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  • Stay conscious/ keep your observer on
  • Thought, word, deed; watch your thought and word patterns in context of learning, development, improvement
  • Hold a 1% possibility
  • Stay open to the options (hold a 1% possibility, avoid judgments)
  • Stay focused, be prepared, avoid distractions, and listen with the intent of teaching and/or using
  • Confidentiality—no attribution, no retribution
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say



Angelo Farneti, DirectorAcklands Grainger
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“While I have rarely been a proponent of consultants, The Poirier Group and their supportive approach have positively changed my view to the immense value that the right consulting organization can bring.”
Joe Rollins, Store OperationsBig Lots
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“Your excellent communication and overall leadership was appreciated. I felt like our two groups were true partners on this project and achieved success together. Thanks again for you and your team.”
Doris Citric, DirectorHolt Renfrew
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“Overall, I would give TPG an A+ in solution generation, service delivery and providing with a highly talented team to work with. Great work”
Janet Joyce, DirectorColemans
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"Just want to acknowledge the excellent presentation yesterday. It was thorough, comprehensive and well received not only by the Steering Committee but even more importantly by owners. The presentation inspired their confidence in TPG and in the direction we are moving in this comprehensive process. Great job."
Randy Berry, SVP Operations ExcellenceGovPlanet
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“Looking back on our time with TPG, we would not have been able to achieve our inventory management and overall business objectives without their services. If you are considering an engagement with TPG, I highly recommend them.”