Investment Management Firm Identifies $1M in Cost Savings from Operational Cost Reduction

As a manufacturer of custom closets and storage for homes, this company provides its products through its franchising business systems, as well as corporate owned business units. 

annualized cost savings


The firm operated under a ‘cater-to-crisis’ approach and struggled to achieve positive margins due to high operational costs, slow decision-making processes, inconsistency in reporting, and limited application of technological solutions. Executives were spending too much time focusing on the day-to-day operations instead of planning strategically to build and sustain the business. 


TPG assessed the current state of the business working with the key stakeholders to identify and prioritize areas with the greatest opportunities for operational improvement. The focus on Shared Services operations waste reduction through outsourcing, minimizing cycle time, and improving cross-functional interactions resulted in the following high-level recommendations that would transform the business:

  • Workflow Improvements – Augmentation of current processes and interactions between cross-functional teams resulting in quicker and more effective execution of tasks. Utilization of outsourcing services to address the right tasks. 
  • System Enhancements – Leveraging current IT systems, maximizing system functionality to drive productivity. Automating manual tasks to minimize errors and increase accuracy and speed of execution. Development of new tools and systems to further drive efficiency and impact performance analytics.
  • Cultural Alignment – Improving communication, transparency, and proactivity across the organization. Ensuring middle and back-office functions are aligned and positioned to support the overall growth strategy while improving accountability and speed of cross-functional dependencies.

Outsourcing breakdown from Investor Relations and Middle Office

Value Created

As a result of this cross-functional study, our client realized the significant financial benefits that were possible and initiated an infrastructure that would support current and projected growth objectives:

  • $1M in annual recurring direct savings through:
  • Streamlining established processes, reducing bottlenecks, removing redundancies and simplifying the execution of key activities accurately .
  • Standardizing processes to drive overall efficiency and ensuring that results and outputs remain consistent across the team.
  • Altering the organizational mindset, and disrupting the execution of tasks, resulting in a smoother transition to improved results

Meet the Team

David Poirier
CEO, Partner in Charge
Dan Gantt
Daniel Cierpka

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