Insolvency Firm Defines Solutions to Double Business in 5 Years Through Advanced Technology

Canadian Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm with over 40 years of debt solutions experience

Revenue Growth Defined
-6000 Hrs
Defined for Automation


This client is in a highly competitive industry and had low market share which was mostly regional. They wanted to expand their presence in current provinces and new provinces. Their goal was to double their business in 5 years.  

TPG was engaged to conduct an in-depth review of current processes, roles & responsibilities, and technology systems in order to define: 

  • Business processes to automate
  • Opportunities to the reduce revenue to cost ratio
  • Ability to scale
  • Improvements for client experience; NPS, CSAT
  • Ways to lower operating costs


During our assessment, we discovered the following: 

  • 198 pain points that would impact their expansion plans categorized across 13 focus areas 
  • Opportunities to address 92% of the identified pain points 
  • 13 process steps to fully automate and 18 for partial automation 


Value Created

As result of our assessment, this client gained the following value: 

  • Solutions to increase annual revenue by $1.0M  
  • Opportunities for $1.8M in Indirect Savings (6.7% decrease in OpEx) 
  • 6000+ hours of work effort identified for process automation 

They were also provided with: 

  • Enterprise process maps for L2 and L3 processes 
  • A Financial Model 
  • RPA/ML Technology Deployment 
  • 3yr Roadmap Solution Roadmap to meet their Strategic Growth Objectives 

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