How To Choose The Right Technology To Improve Productivity

In an era where an increasing demand and productivity challenges are colliding with innovation, selecting the right technology is pivotal for the future of the construction industry. Technology choices are going to play a major role in shaping the industry’s success. Are you prepared to navigate these crucial decisions? Here are the pillars of our technology selection framework:

  1. Define Success – Leaders must align on a clear end result with measurable goals to guide the selection and deployment process.
  2. Conduct Process Mapping – Document and optimize existing workflows, pinpoint areas where new technologies can streamline your processes.
  3. Determine Functional Requirements – Develop clear functional requirements, detailing the necessary capabilities and specific business needs for the system to cover.
  4. Assess Current System Architecture – Understand the implications of new technologies on the current state architecture and assess the level of disruption to the established ecosystem.
  5. Select Technology – Identify and select technologies that meet the functional requirements of your organization and enable strategic business objectives.
  6. Close Identified Gaps – In the event of identified gaps between the selected technology and your business process, have a clear decision framework for when to adjust the process or customize the system.

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