Construction General Contractor Identifies $24.3M in Annualized Business Opportunities

An industry leading construction contractor who designs/builds industrial, community and public infrastructure across all sectors

increased resource capacity identified
direct operational cost savings discovered


Our client had experienced significant pressures to continue to support the rapidly expanding business due to recent organic and inorganic growth. They had determined the need to increase organizational capacity and build scalability to support their ultimate goals of improving financial performance and boosting the quality of delivered results. 


Our team conducted an 8-week discovery phase uncovering 26 performance improvement opportunities across key functional value stream areas that supported the execution of construction activities that included: 

  • Organizational Strategy – Requiring clarity and organizational alignment to collectively generate impactful results  
  • Role and Responsibility Alignment Requiring the development of a current to future state responsibility assignment chart that would map out tasks, milestones or key decisions required for improving critical processes and providing a comprehensive visualization of who does what in each process. 
  • IT Governance and Strategy Requiring the development of an IT Agile Management framework that would improve the overall governance, prioritization and management of resources, capacity, and funding of existing and future IT projects. 

Value Created

As a result of this study, the client Identified $24.3M in annualized opportunities through 26 improvement initiatives. Breakdown of value by opportunity:  

  • Procure to Pay$4.7M in savings through process simplification, automation, risk mitigation. 
  • Client Billing$1.6M in savings from reduction of rework and waste between departmental handoffs 
  • Hiring and Onboarding$940K in savings through recruitment agility speeding up onboarding 
  • Project Delivery Quality $2.5M in savings identified through refining divisional supports. 
  • Employee Retainment – Applying best practices to attract, retain, and develop top talent resulting in $1.5M in efficiencies 
  • Acquisition Strategy$2.25M in efficiencies through consistent application of a new playbook that leverages synergies, increases value creation and defines additional integration opportunities 
  • Roles & Organizational Alignment$10.8M in increased organizational capacity through the development of a future state that provides clear organizational roles and responsibilities, evaluation of employee capacity and competencies 

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