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The Next Phase in the Evolution of Consulting

The consulting industry, from independent consulting firms, to boutique, niche firms and global firms, has been booming and is projected to remain strong in the next 5-10 years. As we approach the next phase of consulting amidst many rapid changes in areas such as technology and data collection, we must consider where it has gone…

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Necessity of Retail Innovation: A Company Spotlight

Retail is one of the biggest and most diverse industries in the world. It happens to also be one of the fastest growing and changing industries. Therefore, to remain competitive, retailers need to embrace innovation by continually improving their brands by making them more affordable, more accessible and more consumer-friendly. Leading innovators are constantly ahead…

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Become an Everyday Leader – Regardless of Title

Author: Alli Gage Leadership is a word that we often take for granted. It’s generally accepted that some people are natural leaders and some people aren’t, yet we expect that anyone in management role is a leader who knows how to coach, communicate and inspire performance. More often than not, people are promoted because they…

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Turning a Consultant Skeptic into an Advocate

“I don’t trust consultants; they never provide results and I’m going to get blamed when they fail” Too many times, we hear this from clients who have only had experience with corporate consultants. Their only impression of this industry is expensive prices, and fancy presentations, but no results. When thinking about a Typical Consultant, many…

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Work Travel Tips for the Young Consultant

Author: Nathan Ling As a newly minted consultant, my friends often get jealous at the thought of being able to travel. While travelling does have its perks, such as being able to explore different cities, and trying new cuisines, having to pack up on a Sunday evening to prepare for a 6:45 flight the next…

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3 Consumer Trends Retailers Can’t Afford to Ignore

Author: Maggie Bolt The world of e-commerce and OMNI channel are continuing to advance at a dizzying speed where, the interaction between consumer and retailer must evolve to meet continuously complex demands. While consumer trends are constantly changing, retailers have always been dedicated to achieving a seamless customer experience. In the past, this has taken…

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Eliminate the Line Between Physical and Digital Retail

Author: Maggie Bolt Shopping isn’t simply just going to the mall anymore. Lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring and shoppers are growing accustomed to the benefits of digital technology. We are living in the age of Amazon, where artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital innovation are the norm in retail, and customers…

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