Investment Management Firm Unlocks $2M in Direct Savings through Efficiency Infrastructure Assessment

An investment management firm that provides capital solutions to companies and asset-backed investing and financing solutions.

direct savings generated
reduction in operations team headcount


The client had purchased an investment business, significantly growing their assets. The firm’s processes were highly manual, and a lack of investment in technology systems hindered their ability to grow. The client required an in-depth assessment of their processes, departments, and technology systems to support future operations and growth.


The team worked closely with the client to understand the streams of their business that would be affected by the proposed growth and uncover challenges exposed by the transition to new technology systems. Using information gained from on-site experience in addition to data uncovered from their ERP system and industry benchmarks, the evaluation phase uncovered several performance improvement opportunities geared towards ensuring the transition to new software to aid sustainable growth:

  • Vet outsourced service provider to ensure compliance and operational capacity for the business
  • Cross-train employees to minimize risks and single points of failure
  • Identify critical roles to remain in-house based on strategic objectives along with tactical functions to outsource

To capitalize on these opportunities, we implemented the transition to the outsourced service provider and migrated existing systems to ensure the client could sustain the success after the transition

Value Created

As result of this initiative, this client enjoyed both immediate and long-term financial and strategic benefits:

  • Over $2M net annualized savings identified through a 75% operational headcount reduction
  • Annual operating costs were reduced by 40% based on the transition to the outsourced service provider

Meet the Team

David Poirier
CEO, Partner in Charge
Dan Gantt
Daniel Cierpka

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