$5.2M in Revenue Savings For a World Leader in Engineering and Design of Electrical Products

Our client, (a division of) a world-leading power engineering and specialized high-voltage electrical products organization, serving customers globally in the utility and industrial markets.

revenue savings
27 days
lead time reduction opportunities identified


The Poirier Group was engaged to conduct an eight-week initial assessment and workshop to identify, document, and recommend solutions to assist our client in reducing overall product lead time by at least 5 weeks.  Lead time started from sales order creation to scheduling finish date.  This was one part of their broader organizational goals.


  • Identification and categorized pain points into affinity themes to begin solution development
  • Created current state process maps that describe the Level 4 processes for key functional areas
  • Developed pragmatic solutions that addressed overall pain points and how to streamline the process to reduce lead time
  • Prioritized the solutions based on high/key benefits and low burden to execute
  • Conducted multiple alignment workshops with the Steering Committee and Working Committee
  • Developed an Integrated Master Schedule for projects to support project implementation in collaboration with key stakeholders
  • Created Integrated Master Plans for individual projects to clarify the process  moving from current to future state, and outlining what ‘Done’ looks like for the organization

Value Created

  • ~ 27 days (i.e 5.2 weeks or ~30% of LT savings per year) of lead time reduction opportunities identified
  • $5.2 M revenue and $1.5M EBITDA savings

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