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Asset Management Consulting

Asset Management Consulting

We help you accelerate back-office processes, manage risk across assets and build stakeholder trust to create sustainable value.

In a fast-changing market (especially given recent economic volatility), asset managers find themselves battling several market pressures— global black swan events, shifts in demand and investing habits, tech disruptors and shifting regulations, just to name a few. When combined with organizational pressures to manage liquidity and cash flow challenges, govern data effectively to enable automation and analytics and keep teams aligned at disrupted workplaces, the result is clear— a sub-optimized bottom-line.

The Poirier Group is here to help.

We are a leading management consulting firm specializing in increasing margins and improving the bottom line for asset management firms in North America. We use lean processes to rethink your operations, support models and push growth and efficiency levers, thereby increasing capacity and driving up your bottom line.

How TPG Improves Your Business

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improve bottom line

Close Deals Faster

Identify where you are losing money and why. Make strategic decisions and close deals faster.


increase solutions buyin

Improve Accountability

Speed-up decision making through establishing clear roles and responsibilities, improving accountability and aligning on what success looks like

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Improve Bottom Line

Reduce cost and improve margins by taking waste out of your processes. Automate manual processes and identify key areas for cost savings. 

Build Capacity

Increase capacity without increasing headcount by improving operational readiness and effectiveness. Re-organize people, processes and technology to drive growth 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Our loyal clients describe their experience working with us and the results TPG created in their organizations. Some of the faces you will see include:

  • Alan Torrie: Senior Consultant and Executive in Residence at a top-performing private equity management firm 
  • Rene Beaudoin: Previous COO at a business services firm
  • Paul Bouchard: CEO of a PE-backed Military Defense Company

If this type of confidence and excitement about business improvement is something you’d like to see in your team, let us show you how TPG can help you get there.

“TPG lead a post-acquisition value creation for an asset management company. The asset manager originally wanted to restructure back-office operations to reduce operating costs, but after discussions with management, TPG identified other areas of improvement. Those included enhancing workflow, upgrading antiquated systems, negotiating vendor contracts and fostering complex client relationships.

TPG held daily virtual huddles during COVID-19 to enforce collaboration and accountability. All these initiatives helped save nearly $3 million for the client, providing it with a solid foundation as it prepares for future acquisitions”
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