TPG's Top Picks: Week of Oct. 30


As 2020 winds to a close, we review the trends reshaping the year’s most dynamic industry— Health Sciences:

The sanitizer scare continues: more sanitizers recalled after health scare in Canada

Health Canada continues its sanitizer recall, expanding its warning nationwide and suspending one manufacturer after serious health risks surface. 

Inside Canada’s race to a COVID vaccine

As the second wave of COVID continues to ravage North America, CTV brings you the latest on the 32 active COVID-related clinical trials in Canada.

How COVID is reshaping medtech forever

From DTC campaigns to remote trials and cloud-based ventilator solutions, MedTech Dive delves deep into the trends reshaping medtech forever.

The health industry’s roadmap to restoring revenue during a pandemic

As health systems “contend with newfound healthcare delivery and operational woes”, can virtual care restore revenue and transform the patient experience beyond COVID-19?

Meet the newest leaders in telemedicine

This week, Forbes shines a spotlight on the need for parity in healthcare and on the female leaders driving change in the telemedicine space as the industry transforms rapidly.

TPG’s Top Picks is a weekly column of curated, industry-specific trends. We will focus on a new industry every week, and offer you the latest developments in a quick, digestible post.

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