TPG's Top Picks: Week of Nov. 27

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Cannabis is here to stay! As the vision for Cannabis 2.0 rapidly becomes reality spurred by regulatory change in North America, the fledgling industry finds itself in the spotlight. This week, TPG continues its deep dive into the latest and greatest in this dynamic space. For those interested, see our ‘Bonus’ section below for free TPG resources on understanding this complex industry!


4 Factors Affecting Cannabis Profitability in Canada

As the industry gears up for a massive boom in North America, the Motley Fool digs deep into the profitability problem plaguing the Canadian cannabis space.


Are Our Supply Chains Ready for the Cannabis Boom?

Cannabis is here to stay— as the US pivots to more cannabis-friendly policy, suppliers plant the seeds for supply chains robust enough to meet tremendous anticipated demand on opening day.


US Cities Find Unexpected Upside of Cannabis Growth

US cities gain an unexpected boost from the cannabis industry— as the industry expands to meet a forecasted target value of over $38 billion by 2025, its focus on local products and labor is revitalizing urban centers which haven’t seen growth since the turn of the century.


What the Biden Win Means for Canadian Cannabis

As Joe Biden’s presidency approaches, an expert offers insights into the future of undervalued cannabis stocks in North America.


BONUS: Don’t forget to check out our recent webinar on the high stakes in the budding cannabis space! InSue Kim, cannabis investor and Wall Street maverick, and Jason Crosby, attorney and cannabis consultant, get blunt about the second coming of cannabis in an exclusive conversation with TPG.


TPG’s Top Picks is a weekly column of curated, industry-specific trends. We will focus on a new industry every week, and offer you the latest developments in a quick, digestible post.

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