TPG's Top Picks: Week of Nov. 20

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Although 2020 has been a relatively slower year than usual for deal activity, the private equity space looks to be making a remarkable recovery in the latest quarter. This week, we’re diving into what’s ahead and the challenges and opportunities in store as the industry grapples with a new presidency (and regulations) in the US, the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, among other factors.


What Does Joe Biden’s Presidency Mean for Private Equity?

The ramifications from the US election continue to evolve— as we look ahead to a Biden/ Harris stint in the White House, Private Equity Wire considers what will change (and what will not) in the private equity space in the long term.


The 2020 Breakdown— Who Won and Who Lost in Private Equity This Year?

Bloomberg Law reviews 2020— who are the winners and the losers in the “bewildering landscape” private equity firms find themselves in at the tail end of a surprising year? Can the M&A rebound last?


Sustainable Investing in the US— Mainstream or Not?

ESG is finally having its moment in the sun in the US— as Joe Biden’s long-anticipated push for the green agenda becomes reality, sustainable investing in the US finally goes mainstream.

COVID’s Impact on International Expansion— CFOs Report Back

How have international growth plans materially changed this year? Middle Market Growth surveys CFOs of organizations with expansion plans and more than $100m in revenue to find out.


Expert Opinion: How to Create Alignment between Management and PE

In this brief Q&A, an expert provides insights on what is possible when a private equity firm acquires/ partners with your company— could your “second bite at the apple” be even more lucrative? 



TPG’s Top Picks is a weekly column of curated, industry-specific trends. We will focus on a new industry every week, and offer you the latest developments in a quick, digestible post.


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