TPG's Top Picks: Week of Dec 4

retailer packaging a direct to consumer product

“It’s never been cheaper to start a business…[but] it’s never been harder to scale a business.” As the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model grows increasingly mainstream after 2020’s unexpected ecommerce boost, here’s what we’re reading to keep up on the next big thing in retail.


Reinventing the Direct-To-Consumer Business Model

Where standout brands became unicorns a decade ago by shaking up a sleepy market, the DTC landscape and customer acquisition has become a lot more challenging, thanks to now-sophisticated investors and a massive influx of competition— both from legacy mega-brands and new entrants. HBR details how to differentiate in DTC in 2020 and beyond.


Keeping Up With DTC: Inside Legacy Brands’ Fight to ‘Constantly Innovate’

As CPG giants finally enter the DTC space, they’re redefining agile, leveraging a history of trust and omnichannel strategy to regain market share and empowering customers to create with them. Head over to the link to learn more about the next evolution of CPG, straight from executives at Mars and Mondelez!


Is the DTC Brand Aesthetic Bad for Business?

How did branding became ‘blanding’ and is it really a death knell for sustainable growth? Retail Dive decodes the DTC aesthetic— and how retailers can mature it to bridge the gap between millennial and Gen Z needs and create thumb-stopping messaging.


DTC 2.0: New Opportunities for Customers and New Challenges for Retailers

Forbes interviews an ecommerce CEO for a definitive deep dive into the future of the DTC economy and what this unprecedented moment in modern retail history entails for the next year and beyond.

TPG’s Top Picks is a weekly column of curated, industry-specific trends. We will focus on a new industry every week, and offer you the latest developments in a quick, digestible post.

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